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This yoga program helps you deepen your mind/body connection and transformation. Infinity Movement Flow® Program and application will be available 22 February 2022.

"If you can breathe, you can do Yoga."

The Breathe is a small Private Yoga Studio in the heart of Messery, offering a variety of Group and Private Yoga Classes, Strength Training Classes, Prenatal Yoga, Science of Stretching, Trapeze Yoga & Workshops in French & English.

COVID Policy

I have a number of students/ clients that are vulnerable in some way – pregnant, elderly, immunocompromised, whose safety is my priority. I have therefore made it a requirement of attendance at the studio that you are vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated I kindly ask that you only book an Online consult. I will also require you to inform me prior to your appointment if you are unwell, have any symptoms, or have had any potential COVID exposure. I appreciate your understanding as we enter these new times and endeavor to keep ourselves and those we care about safe.

Connect to Your Inner Flow... breathe in. breathe out. be present.

Welcome to BREATHE.

The studio can hold 4 students for physical classes and up to 6 for workshops. 

All equipment/mats provided.


47 Route des Repingons
74140 Messery, France

With more than 6 years of teaching experience I would like to create a local mini studio to share my practice with others in my community. In 2022, with support from my family and clients I will open “Breathe” private yoga studio in the heart of Messery, France. 

BREATHE welcomes those of all levels and offers a variety of classes aimed at promoting the strengthening of both mind and body. At BREATHE yogis can connect with their community while enjoying exercise in a non-competitive setting. 

​During these uncertain times, I offer a refuge for the mind, body and spirit. I offer a variety of class options, live stream, outdoor and in studio classes.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding classes or schedule.


I can’t wait to offer you such personalised classes!

I have limited availability for private clients to work one on one with. 

In order to book a private class with me, please schedule a free 20min online consultation to learn about your current yoga practice, physical condition, goals and focus areas (flexibility/mobility, strengthening, mindfulness, stress reduction, tension release etc) as well as any past/present injuries/disabilities.

On the video call, I will explain how my private classes work and the class packs/plans available. We will agree on a day and time for our sessions that works for both of us.

With limited spaces and a high demand for classes, please note the following booking procedures to reserve your spot and avoid disappointed.

YB Yoga Teachers College Community Online Class

Infinity Yoga Movement Flow® 


Infinity Yoga Movement Flow® is a 30 day yoga training program designed to boost your strength and endurance. This revolutionary program gives you everything you need to achieve your body and mind goals. A body that is balanced and looks great, but most importantly, one that makes you feel good! And because flexibility is an important element of strength, I’ve include a Science of Stretching video that will lengthen and soothe your muscle. My hope is that program helps you deepen your mind/body connection and transformation. I made it to be fit your life, so you can practice every day!



Infinity Movement Flow® Program and application will be available 22 February 2022.

Yoga Program & Online Classes to suit all levels

Move better, breathe better, feel better

When was the last time you really stopped and gave yourself time to just be? To just breathe?

Try my new program & class styles like Yin / Yang, Slow Flow, Slow Burn and Wind Down Deep Stretch.

Practice Online

You Are Your Own Teacher. Flow with me and add or subtract what you need to in your practice.

New to yoga?

Everybody is different, every experience is unique. Unroll your mat, grab that water, and tell yourself “I’ve got this!

Infinity Movement Flow® Yoga Program


Mommy & Me Program

Infinity Movement Flow®

Infinity Slow Flow®

Science of Stretching

Infinity Yoga Trapeze Flow®


Breathe - Your Yoga Space

Private Classes

You deserve to spend meaningful time with yourself each week.

Teacher Training

Take your practice to the next level with my yoga teacher training and immersion program.



Find Your Infinity Yoga Movement Flow® Program.

Infinity Movement Flow®

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